Tungsten Copper


Tungsten copper is a kind of pseudo alloy that combine the characteristics of W and Cu. Tungsten has high melting point (W-3410℃, Cu-1083℃), high density (W-19.34g/cm3, Cu-8.92g/cm3); copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. So tungsten copper material has many advantages, such as high strength, arc erosion resistance, which can be widely used in electrical alloy, EDM electrode and micro-electronic materials.

?W based Contacts


Property Density CTE 10-6/℃ λ/K w/m·k Specific Heat Elastic Modulus Poisson Density Melting Point Strength
W 19.32g/cm3 4.5 174 136J/kg·℃ 411GPa 0.28 3410℃ 550MPa
Cu 8.93g/cm3 16.6 403 385J/kg·℃ 145GPa 0.34 1083℃ 120MPa


Grade Density/ g·cm-3 Tensile Strength/MPa Hardness (HB) Conductivity/MS·m-1 Applications
Room 1600℃
WCu7 17.3~17.8 400~750 50~120 1 Nozzle, gas vane
WCu10 16.8~17.3 400~700 60~100 Nozzle, gas vane
WCu15 16.0~16.5 300~600 Contacts, electrode, linear
WCu20 15.1~15.5 180~220 20 Contacts, electrode
WCu30 13.7~14.2 170~200 25 Contacts, electrode
WCu40 12.7~13.2 140~160 29 Contacts, electrode
WCu50 11.7~12.2 110~130 33 Contacts, electrode