Characteristics of tungsten copper alloy

Tungsten Copper Alloy (WCu) are characterized by high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and high wear resistance combined with excellent electrical conductivity. These composites are made by infiltrating porous tungsten with molten copper in a vacuum. Thus providing a direct copper path for heat or electrical conductivity.

The manufacturing process of tungsten copper alloy is to press the refractory (tungsten or tungsten carbide), sinter the pressed compact at a high temperature, and infiltrate with copper. All of this is done under very closely controlled conditions. The mechanical and physical properties of copper tungsten alloy vary with composition. The thermal and electrical conductivity increase with the amount of copper, while the hardness, strength, and resistance to mechanical wear increase with the amount of tungsten or tungsten carbide. The application determines the material choice.

Using CIP formation, sintered tungsten skeleton and infiltrating copper (silver) technology, large size and special shape products of WCu composites with 6-90 percent of copper are produced, such as electric contacts, electrode, refractory parts, heat sinks and parts of rocket, We can also produce tungsten copper alloy sheet material, tubing, plate and other small products by mould pressing, extrusion pressing and MIM. Because of the high eletrical conductivity and low consumption, tungsten copper rods are widely used to make Grid siderod, Lead, Support, Electrode for the Gas discharge lamp, etc.

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Tungsten Copper Alloy for Electrical Application

High Voltage Arc Contacts, Vacuum Contacts, Electrodes for Resistant Welding and Spark Erosion, Leaders for Steel Rolling, Dies for Casting, Balance Weights, Rocket Parts.

Specifications of Tungsten Copper Alloy:

Code No. Chemical Composition % Mechanical properties
Cu Impurity W Densityg/cm3 ?HardnessHB RES( cm) ?Conductivity ?TRS/ Mpa
CuW(50) 50+2.0 0.5 Balance 11.85 115 3.2 54 IACS/ %
CuW(55) 45+ 2.0 0.5 Balance 12.30 125 3.5 49 IACS/ %
CuW(60) 40+2.0 0.5 Balance 12.75 140 3.7 47 IACS/ %
CuW(65) 35+2.0 0.5 Balance 13.30 155 3.9 44 IACS/ %
CuW(70) 30+2.0 0.5 Balance 13.80 175 4.1 42 IACS/ % 790
CuW(75) 25+2.0 0.5 Balance 14.50 195 4.5 38 IACS/ % 885
CuW(80) 20+2.0 0.5 Balance 15.15 220 5.0 34 IACS/ % 980
CuW(85) 15+2.0 0.5 Balance 15.90 240 5.7 30 IACS/ % 1080
CuW(90) 10+2.0 0.5 Balance 16.75 260 6.5 27 IACS/ % 1160