Tungsten Copper High Voltage Arc Contacts


Chinatungsten Online offers a complete range of tungsten copper high voltage arc contacts depending on the combination of electric arc resistance and electrical conductivity, our customers will always be able to find the right contact material that will contribute to the performance of the electric apparatus.

Tungsten-based alloy material

Our joining techniques (welding, electron beam welding, brazing, back casting) and machining capacities allow the realization of sophisticated components for any ultra-rapid switch, load break disconnected, high voltage SF6 circuit breaker, or vacuum interrupter.

A new type of arcing contact material, based on carbon copper composite (C-Cu), has been compared with a more common one, based on tungsten copper material. It can be seen that carbon copper composite materials is able to behave reasonably well. In particular, their erosion during switching tests was not excessive compared to those of tungsten copper contacts. In addition, it is shown that, in some applications, the erosion of the circuit breaker nozzle due to arcing was lower than the one obtained with tungsten copper composites. In parallel, the plasma composition calculations showed that, depending on conditions, graphite formation within the arcing chamber can be avoided. Such carbon copper composite contacts present a promising technology.


Tungsten copper high voltage arc contacts offers outstanding performance due to the following properties.

1. Mechanical strength

2. Low gas content

3. Excellent arc erosion resistance

4. Very good dissipation of short-circuit currents

5. Low welding tendency

6. Economical production of near-net shapes

7. Breaking capacity of up to 63 Ka

8. Maximum chopping current < 6A