Tungsten Copper Block Electrical Contact Material

Tungsten copper block can be used as electrical contact material, owe to the good performance of electrical conductivity.

The high Electrical & thermal conductivity of Copper are combined with the arc-resistant & non-welding properties of Tungsten or their carbides to form an extensive series of compositions each designed to give the best performance for your particular application. These materials are used for such heavy duty contact applications as:
Circuit breakers, air & oil immersed
Arcing tips or arc runners
Make & break contacts
Heavy duty conductors, relays & switches

They excel in these applications because they withstand the effects of the arcing incident to the interruptions of large current. Tungsten has the highest strength & melting temperature of the refractory metals. This is the principal factor determining the contacts resistance to arc erosion & mechanical wear. The strength, erosion & weld characteristics of the contact increase with increasing tungsten content, however the electrical & thermal characteristics decrease with the increasing refractory content.