About Us

Xi’an Fly Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xi’an Fulai”)with registered capital of 20 million RMB was founded in Huyi District (Hu County) of Xi’an in 1998.It’s 26 km from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.The company,with over 150 employees, covers an area of 33 thousands㎡ including 12 thousands ㎡workshop and 4 thousands ㎡office.

About Us

Xi’an Fly Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. is a well-know listed company in the field of Cu/CuCr-W contact in China.It manufactures Cu/CuCr-W contact of high-voltage switchgear professionally,and has the biggest Cu/CuCr-W contact production line in north-west area.The annual output reaches 500 thousands pieces,and the sales amount reaches 50 million RMB.The product contains about 600 different specifications. At present,the company has the contact industry ranking of  2. The monolithic independent contact is fired by the stove,which is protected by inert gas.This technique acquired the second prize of national scientific and technological progress?in 2006. The advanced technique of production assures the excellent property.All the electrical and mechanical properties of the Cu-W alloy are better than the properties required in GB/T8320-2003.Our Cu/CuCr-W contact is fixed in the high-voltage switchgear like 126/145 kV, 252 kV, 550 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).The users praise our contact conformably. The company mainly provides service for Xidian Group,Pinggao Group,Sieyuan Electric and CHINT Electrics and so on .

Xi’an Fly Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. devotes itself to manufacture?the top-ranking product since being founded,and establishes the research team which consists of doctor, senior engineer,master and material experts.At the same time, the company has established considerable long-term collaborations with recognized research institutions and remarkable colleges in domestic such as the National Significant Laboratory of Metallic?Intensity, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an High-voltage Electronics Institute, Shandong Power Science Institute and Qinghai Power Science Institute. The company put a lot of money in concentrating on the research and development every year. Now there are 4 proprietary intellectual property right invention patents.

Taking a broad and long-term view, Xi’an Fly Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprising and reclaiming spirit ,devotes itself to manufacturing top-ranking products by professional technology, provides satisfactory service with the principle of customer first,and eventually creates bright future with people in all walks of life.About Us

Honor qualification

  1. In 1999, undertaking “Xi’an Spark Program”

  2. In 2002, Shaanxi Province Right Quality and Well-known Products

  3. In 2004, Certificate of Registration Quality Management System-ISO9001:2000

  4. In 2006, Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress

  5. In 2008, The inventionof gradient Cu-W contactsupplies the?domestic blank space.

  6. In 2009, Provincial High and New Tech Enterprises

  7. In 2010, First-classPrivate Industry

  8. In 2011, Research and Development Center of Minor Enterprises’Innovating

  9. In 2012, Xi’an City Famous Trademark-“福莱电工”

  10. In 2013, National High and New Tech Enterprises

  11. In 2014, Certificate of Registration occupational health &safety Management System- OHSAS 18001:2007 GB-T28001-2011

  12. In 2015, Standing Director Unitof Shaanxi Minor Enterprises Association

  13. In 2016, establishing Xi’an Contact Material Production and Research Basewith the National SignificantLaboratory of Metallic Intensity