Integral copper tungsten contact

Gradient copper tungsten / copper chromium / copper zirconium / integral arc contacts

Self elastic contact elements copper tungsten contact is mainly used for SF6 high voltage circuit breaker. It has its own flexibility, work without additional spring, which has the advantages of simple structure and convenient installation, contact size, is conducive to improve the breaking characteristic of circuit breaker. The WCu20/CuCr0.5 integral contact product WCu developed by vertical integral sintering vacuum infiltration method has good combustion resistance, little burning loss, good elasticity of CuCr and no deformation of contact finger.

Features: the base for tungsten electrode, copper rod, ring shape. 10 components of tungsten copper, tungsten copper tungsten copper 20, 30); the conductive terminal is copper chromium or copper binding surface for two different metals by infiltration technology on tungsten and copper two yuan mutual diffusion close together with copper project specific welding, tensile strength more than the strength of the metal copper with two kinds of bond metal connection.

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