The chemical plating nickel – boron/Ni-B

No electrolytic nickel plating (ElectrotesNickelPlating) commonly know as chemical nickel plating, it is all to phosphate (or DMAB) as reducing agent, after the autocatalytic REDOX reaction and deposition of Ni – B alloy plating process.

Electroless Ni – B alloy coating is a kind of excellent function, in the aspect of high-voltage electrical appliances can be instead of the traditional silver plating layer, become a transformer high-voltage electrical contact main coating material. Silver plating process are basically have serious pollution to the environment, compared with the electroplating process, chemical nickel plating is a kind of extremely low pollution process. As a result, the United States has with \i – B in electric plating instead of silver plating.

Chemical plating of Ni – B can instead of the traditional silver plating layer, because it has the following main advantages:

  • the contact resistance and silver plating

layer is very close

  • good wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • electroless plating of Ni – B less pollution
  • chemical plating of Ni – B low into nature

The company development of Ni – B in contact materials of copper as shown in the figure below: Followed by the copper substrate, chemical plating of Ni – B and silver plating layer contact.