GradientCuW/Cu(CrZr) Gradient copper tungsten/copper chromium zirconium copper arc contact as a whole

Composition of the traditional tungsten copper contact naterial is uniform, not timely in the process of open circuit cooling to produce a larger thermil?stress, or fall off anid cause copper tungsten surface crack ?failure, With increasing valtage grade, conductive rod part with high strength and high?conductivity ?and high?temperature creep resistance, copper chromium zirconium bronze instead of copper cliromium bronze can meet this requirement. Company derelopment gradient copper tungsten/ copper cbromium zirconium copper overall arc contact has better combination of strength, high temperature creep resistance, can be very good to meet the requirements of the ultrathigh pressure switcn to the whole arc contact.

Gradient copper tungsten / copper chromium / copper zirconium / integral arc contacts

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